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Airbus subcontractors struggling in the Toulouse region

The entrepreneur Didier Cauquil walks, concerned, the aisles of his factory where only six machines out of 32 operate: the crisis in the aeronautical sector has brought the company to its knees, which manufactures parts near Toulouse, especially for Airbus.

"Hundreds of subcontracting companies are in great difficulty, it's very hard for us ...Orders canceled, we end up with a stock of parts on the shelves, I had never seen that.And I am not the worst off, "says the CEO of Cauquil SA, founded in 1947 by his grandfather who then manufactured motorcycle engines.

Only 25% of the 75 employees work, the others are part-time unemployed, because the company which is now part of the French group BT2I, has lost 70% of its workload.

The government, which has already put in place a support plan for the automotive industry, must unveil next week a recovery plan for the aeronautical industry, affected by the epidemic of Covid-19.

"The drop in production rates at Airbus is 35 to 40%, that means partial activity for many employees.Who says drop in production rate, says drop in the supply of products by subcontractors", explains the deputy En Marche de Haute-Garonne Mickaël Nogal, charged by the government to consult the actors of the sector.

But the 54-year-old entrepreneur does not expect much from the executive stimulus package.

"Me, I need guarantees of volume of purchases from my customers.I have no visibility, we are completely in the dark."

Cauquil, labeled "Industry of the future", manufactures for example fuel tank hatches for Airbus 737 in titanium, emergency exit doors for Bombardier, door hooks for Boeing 737.

Posted Date: 2020-06-09

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