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Suitcases of tickets and donations out of control: the very opaque management of Islam in France

In a report by the Montaigne Institute on Muslims, published on Sunday, Hakim El Karoui, who has the ear of Emmanuel Macron, proposes a regulation of the Muslim cult through its funding.We had investigated the hidden money of the Islam of France in a special file.Here is our investigation.

"Where did the money go?" Ask four old gentlemen.They are pious men.And to ask this question, they had to muster all their courage.Attack an imam? "Their" imam? They who, in the mid-1960s, upon their arrival in Paris, struggled to create a place of worship?

Algerian immigrant workers landed in a country that was reluctant to give a place to Islam, they founded a mosque.The Adda'wa mosque, called "Stalingrad", not far from the metro station of the same name, in the 19th district of Paris, quickly becoming one of the busiest in France, with more than 4,000 faithful present at Friday prayers.They are proud of it, even if they have not forgotten that, in the crowd of believers, are slipped, for a time, the two Kouachi brothers, perpetrators of the attack on "Charlie Hebdo".

And they were happy when they learned, in 2004, that 18 million euros were going to be committed to build a real religious building on the site of the old warehouses in which they used to collect.

In 2014, the founders of the Adda'wa mosque in Pais denounce the lifestyle of their imam, Larbi Kecha

Posted Date: 2020-06-10

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